Putting life into Quotes, in the memories of you!

​Chapter 1

say that you meant


to me, 

But I search for your eyes,

In the face of every men I meet.

I search for your presence,

In the soul of every men I seek.

You think that time and circumstance forced you to force me out of your life,

that time and circumstances owe a woman like me. Search my darling, search.

Chapter 2.

I do not hate you,

 But I hate that I allowed,

 your hate to 

 to make me

 hate me.

Chapter 3
I often come back to the

memories of you

and to the pain given by you,

Not beacause I want to be

in pain,

Not because I don’t want to 

move on,

But because they are 


that welcomes me 

more than my 



Chapter 4
If it hurts your soul,

Let go of it.

Chapter 5
I am going back again to

memories of you.

It makes me stronger

When I see how far 

I ‘ve come

from you.

Chapter 6
Don’t seek love

Just to be in love.

Better wait years for the

right person,

than wait years, 

for the right love 

from the

wrong person

Chapter 7

My soul is aching for me

to come back to


Chapter 8
When you choose an option

Because it’s the only one,

Then you haven’t chosen

You’ve settled.

Chapter 9
Note to self.

My heart will heal,

And I have to believe that.

Chapter 10

When I no longer want to be

heard by you,

That is when you will

want to listen to what

I have to say.

It will be too late 




One should need to know that how much pressure its inbuilt $prinG requires,
$o that when ¥ou remove the pressure, ¥ou would be able to reach that Place ¥ou wanted to be.